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2020, l'année de mes 23 ans

I was staring at the ceiling while my friends were taking online courses from a wide range of interesting topics. I was unable to quit this hypnotic state to contemplate the white walls on which I could project all my dark thoughts. My mom told me I was wasting my time doing nothing. Indeed, I was able to deeply travel in my abyss to explore what has never been externalized for a long time.

I didn't start from zero. I had way less on my account. This year, I started my company specialized in movie direction and drone piloting. Combination of circumstances, I lost my sponsor (my dad) cut me off because I didn't approve his possessive behaviour.

I travelled by train for free. I stole around a thousand euros to the train company. Controllers never checked my ticket, but as a precaution, I always made fake tickets on photoshop. Thanks to my skills and angel face, my innocent look and realistic ticket weigh in my favour.

I spent a quite gloomy summer fed by nostalgic thoughts of my past travels and romantic adventures.

During summer, I worked as a drone cinematographer on my first feature film. I made a promise to myself I wanted to make it before I turn 24. French actor/director Louis Garrel couldn't stop calling me Penelope.

I really was lacking of physical contact. I isolated myself on purpose for 40 days, leaving my beloved ones without news and seeing no one. During this time, I wrote films, composed music, edited pictures. One of the song I composed "mechanical birds" on my laptop is now released on Spotify.

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