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Born in 1996 and raised in Paris, Calypso earned her bachelor's in film and television at La Sorbonne University in 2016.

Calypso has always been passionate about learning and using the latest technologies to evoke emotion. Inspired by the potential of using drones as a creative tool, she shot her first drone film in Australia, which went on to be screened at the 2017 CineDrones International Film Festival.


Calypso worked in Canada for several years as a drone cinematographer and now resides in Switzerland, where she teaches. She's also an active member of the Kino film movement, where she enjoys directing short films and carving out her style.


She plays drums during her free time and she's found that her innate sense of rhythm helps her find the right film editing pace. 

Captivated by immersive soundtracks, Calypso is enthusiastic about producing atmospheric films with limited dialogues and seeks to create accessible films that convey ideas and emotions using images, sounds and songs. 

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