I am a creator.
My long-term objective is to develop the tools and knowledge to direct short and feature films.

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Born and raised in Paris, I validated my bachelor in film and television at La Sorbonne university in 2016.

As a Gen Zer, I like to explore and use the latest technologies to create emotions. I envisioned drone as a great tool to create

 and was invited in 2017 to screen my very first drone film at Cinedrones film festival.

I brought my skills to Canada as a drone cinematographer and in Switzerland where I'm giving masterclasses.


  Alongside I'm an active member of Kino film movement where I enjoy directing short films and sharpening my style.

I am passionate about film direction, aerial cinematography and travel.


I enjoy playing drums in a band during my spare time and use my sense of rythmn to find the right editing pace.